Prof. Fr. Dr. Mathew Chandrankunnel is at present professor of philosophy of science at Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram and Christ University, Bangalore. After completing studies in physics and philosophy in various Indian Universities, Prof. Chandrankunnel received a doctorate from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Leuven, Belgium for successfully defending the thesis "In Search of a Causal Quantum Mechanics", comparing two interpretations in Quantum Mechanics. For this thesis, he researched, at Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, Max Planck Institute, Munich, and interacted with Nobel Prize winners like Aage Bohr, Friedrich von Weizaecker, Prof. Ilya Prigogene etc. Prof. Chandrankunnel did his post doctoral research studies at Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics, Harvard University,Cambridge, Boston, under the well known astronomer Prof. Owen Gingerich. Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics, The Condemnation and Rehabilitation of Galileo Galilei are some of his published works. In Service of the Truth, the Physics, Philosophy and Religion of Galileo is the forthcoming publication. Received the CTNS Templeton award and organized Local, National and International conferences on Science and Religion like "Merging Boundaries: Mysticism, Science and Religion" which was inaugurated by Sri Sri Ravi Sankar. Founder Chairman of the Bangalore Forum for Science and Religion and Bangalore Chapter of Sigma-Xi Foundation. Prof. Chandrankunnel is also a trained journalist, worked as the science editor of Deepika Daily News paper, its Chennai and Bangalore correspondent and published more than 500 articles in refereed journals, news papers and magazines. He belongs to the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate Congregation, Province of Kottayam. Visiting Professor at the University of Leuven, Faculty of Philosophy in the year 2010, April-May, and lecturing on ' the Physics, Philosophy and Religion of Galileo'.

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